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Dr. Apostle Marilyn E. Porter

Marilyn Elizabeth Porter, widely known among friends and colleagues as “M.E.” is a woman after God’s own heart with a passion for people and purpose - with a strong business acumen and the gift of wisdom. Marilyn is a native Jersey Girl, although she has lived in various locations throughout the U.S. and Europe - she currently resides in Atlanta, GA, and is enjoying her newly empty nest.
Marilyn holds a BS in Psychology, MS in Management and Leadership Development, and in 2016 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry Development. She believes in education but depends on her God-given wisdom as her primary source of success.
God has blessed her to be in full-time ministry for more than 25 years, a portion of that was spent raising her children, she rarely worked outside of the home. During this time she has established, supported, consulted on, and built several ministry organizations designed to serve and support women. This time of supporting and consulting ultimately became a successful entrepreneurial journey - one she is still very much still on.
Marilyn is the President, Founder, and Overseer, of The Pink Pulpit® International Convention of Women in Ministry, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. The PPIC serves as both a spiritual support organization for women in ministry, as well as women in business, the CEO of Marilyn Porter, Ltd. Co., founder of The Soul of a Woman Masterclass and Interview Series™, host of The Boujee Preacher™ Podcast, co-founder of Preechah Gurl™ Design Co., co-founder of The Chrysalis Academy™. Marilyn Porter is “The Woman in The Middle” - called to serve the Kingdom and the secular society. As a personal development coach and business consultant, she has several influencer clients who have generated multiple 6-figures as a result of working closing with her.
She wears many hats; Apostle, Speaker, Spiritual Advisor and Healer (Certified Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach), Personal Development Coach, Author, Mother, Sister, Friend, Confident, and sometimes both judge and jury - but her most proud moments are always attached to her God and her children - in that order.
Her purpose is power-packed in her gift of healing the souls of women and serving the world as an Apostolic Firestarter!
She is the very proud mother of 3 adult daughters, Capt. Misha Dantzler (US Army), Miss Christina Wilson (actress and teacher), and Miss Charity Wilson (free-spirited over of all things). And she is the Grandmother aka Nom-Nom of Mr. Storm Elisha Slaughter (the most amazing grandson known to mankind).

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