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Elder Nathan L. Wiley, Jr.Profile Photo

Elder Nathan L. Wiley, Jr.

Elder Wiley was brought up in church with the love of Christ, loving to Praise God. Attending Sunday School, World of Life (a bible-based camp in New York), and back-to-school revivals. He was told at an early age, that he would bring men to the house of God.
Nathan is a 14 year veteran of the U.S. Navy where he served as a cook.
On March 5, 2015, Nathan was ordained an Elder at Rhema Word Worship and Praise Center under the leadership of Apostle Elect Eric Wright Sr. Serving as his Armourbearer, Youth Pastor, Deacon, and Usher, He was willing to do anything to support the will of God on his life.
Elder Nathan has 3 children, whom he strives to be a great example. With the love of God and cooking, Elder Wiley continues to pursue the will of God and to one day own his own food truck and restaurant which will help keep the youth of tomorrow engaged in learning skills they need to better themselves for the future.

April 22, 2022

2022 Holy Week - 7LWC - “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”

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